Wednesday 29 June 2011

Mobile Marketing Solution

Mobile phones have become a necessity in all walks of life in the technology era today. 
Business and corporate institutions are increasing looking for ways to reach out targeted or new market segments to announce and promote their products and services.

Mobile Marketing Solutions can benefit to business users to utilize it as a form of advertisement strategy to enhance customer relationships. Through mobile channel, we believe that reaching these customers can be achieved as mobile marketing promotions has been rather successful and all communication between sellers and buyers can be accomplished in an effective manner.

Benefits of using Mobile Marketing Solution:

  • Multiple recipients with few clicks of buttons

Mobility2u allows bulk SMS/MMS sending to multiple recipients at one go; by typing in the message content and send the message to all the contacts numbers in the recipients list. In the long run, it saves time, effort and cost of sending one message to different recipients repeatedly.

  • Send SMS anytime, anywhere

Mobility2u enable users to send SMS/MMS either through Mobility2u website, from their desktop or even from their mobile phones, which provide mobility features to users who are always on the go. Users can choose to use any channel of sending the SMS without having to pay any setup or registration costs at all.

  •  Easy and fast payment channels

Online payments can be made on Mobility2u to enhance user experience and to reduce payment processing period. Once the payment is successful, SMS/MMS credits will be automatically added into the user’s account. Online payments accepted include credit cards, Financial Process Exchange (FPX) and Public Bank online banking.

  •  Low SMS/MMS rate

Mobility2u offers SMS packages with the lowest rate to users. The more credits purchase, the lower costs will be. 

Functionalities of Mobility2u:
  • Send Single SMS/MMS
  • Send Group SMS/MMS
  • Personalized SMS/MMS
  • Send SMS/MMS up to 151 chars for English and 54 chars in Chinese
  • Download & Install Outlook SMS/MMS to send SMS/MMS from Ms. Outlook
  • Send Group SMS/MMS from WAP Portal
  • Connect to bulk SMS/MMS API
  • Address Book

Monday 20 June 2011

Text Can't Be Marginalized

Robert Carroll, a CEO at SDL Web Content Management Solutions raised a good article for those marketers out there. On this article (source: Mobile Marketer), Robert shares some ideas on how marketers increase can differentiate the variety of mobile hypes to engage current and potential customers.

Here's some of the brief information in mobile marketing by utilizing SMS:

Not only does texting have deep roots in friend-to-friend communication, it has much stricter rules governing its use than email does, lowering the level of innate resistance to messages received through the medium.
Mobile users have long since wired texting into their behavioral patterns. You get the alert. You read the text. You respond—because you want to.
Not only do text messages have an extraordinary open rate, evidence suggests the response rate also exceeds the performance of other marketing channels.
When used to make real-time, on-the-spot offers, texting has repeatedly yielded a better than 10 percent response.
As long as the offers made via SMS are perceived to be of real value to the recipient, the relationship of trust between consumer and brand only deepens with each exchange. 
According to a 2010 research report from the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile advertising, too, vastly outperforms outreach in any other medium:
• 45 percent of consumers notice mobile advertising
• Of these, 29 percent respond to mobile advertising
• Of these, 39 percent make a purchase

If you would like to read more about it, find it here 

"Do you know that 73% of consumers are attracted more on promotions delivered by mobile devices?"
Now start to list your target market, text them, and boost your business with Mobility2U

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

If you go through all the  information online about the guidelines, you may have wasted hours of your day just to research. Let us help you to summarize it. 

As for you marketers, following the privacy guidelines of Mobile Marketing is important. Whether you are advertisers, content & application providers, aggregrators, or carriers, following the code of conduct is compulsory and therefore nothing will hamper you from doing the business.

Read carefully, go through it, start to practice, and.. Good luck!

1. Think about a strategy.
Bear in mind, that your strategy should be align with your objectives. Whether you want to increase customer loyalty, or engage to new and fresh customers, it's your call. 

2. Keep it simple, relevant and targeted.
Don't over communicate and make it as a 2-way communication. The more interaction happens between you and customers, the more attracted it will be. 

3. Be Adaptable and Informative
Be more savvy, learn and aware of the rapid changes of technologies. So in the future there will be no 'techno-shock' towards the adoption and penetration. Don't forget to let your customers know what's happening with the current situation, ensure they understand every rules and regulations of your marketing program.

4. Flexibility and let your customers choose.
Includes opt-in on your messaging programs, either via SMS, MMS, IVR, web registration, WAP form, etc. Don't let them complain because of your unpermitted promotion.

5. Safe and Secured
A system to protect user information has to be implemented, keep it under your control to prevent any misuse of unauthorized data. 


"Do you know that 73% of consumers are attracted more on promotions delivered by mobile devices?"
Now start to list your target market, text them, and boost your business with Mobility2U

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Dear Marketers,

Do you know that according to a recent study, only a fifth of the 1.6 billion mobile devices sold in 2010 were smartphones? Meaning most of the mobile devicaes sold last year were simple text-enabled mobile phones. It can be highlighted that text messaging is an efficient channel for communicating with customers and prospects.

There are a number of things to consider when creating an SMS marketing campaign.

1. Create a good relationship with consumer – A simple introduction within the message would create a good impression. For example, “Hey, thanks for following. You just receive…”

2. Make it personal. Not a mass communication – Mention their names, personally. Such as “Hi Brad, thanks for purchasing with us”

3. All about value and timing – Understand your market, send them messages during the appropriate time with a suitable content.

4. Provide options to them – let your customer choose what they want. Such keywords like “STOP”, “Subscribe”, “Reply” are shall be given to them.

The question is, who will provide and help you to all of these matters if you want to reach your markets?

The answer is right in front of you. Welcome to Mobility2U, your one and only mobile marketing solution.

Friday 13 May 2011

A "mobile" who forgets its shell.

As brands continue to incorporate mobile bar codes, advertising and content into their mobile campaigns, it is important not to forget about the significant role that SMS plays in consumer engagement. It again needs to be ensured that the strategy comes from highlighting the content and value to drive user engagement.

According to Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design, SMS is just as important to have as a mobile Web strategy. It is agreed that having some sort of call to action to get somebody is important especially incorporating SMS into the marketing strategies. There’s just a whole lot of opportunity still in the SMS component of mobile marketing.

“SMS is where all the action is today.”